Glowing Tree at Night

What’s happening at night?
The story is about Naji who is scared of night. Are you interested?




Glowing tree at Night



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Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.
the Book of Psalms 119:105

In my childhood, the bathroom was outside of my old house. 
It was scary as a little boy to go to the bathroom at night, 
thus I had to light up the path in every direction 
while holding my flashlight tightly. 
I remember the birdcalls and bugs’ chirps that you can only hear during a silent night.
I, the little boy, wished that I wouldn’t get a bellyache 
because the night scared me so much. 

After becoming an adult, continuous failures wearied me 
and it was like the dreaming future would never come. As the hope faded away, 
tomorrow seemed like a punishment to me. I could feel the night fall all over my mind. 
The night of the mind is scarier than actual night time. 

Have you ever had any moments like these?

We are neither born to be punished nor waiting for tomorrow to get pains. 
We are born to dream and waiting for tomorrow to see what we desire. 
Just like the flashlight in my childhood, there should be light for the night of the mind. 
You should grasp hope firmly. 

Then, the sound of birdcalls and chirps’ by insects, 
which you can hear only at night, begin to be heard. 

This was the point where “Glowing tree at night” began.


Children's book author

I hope you are always happy and that my story makes you happier.

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