Making of Glowing tree at night

I live in south Korea.
I am drawing a picture with 2d digital painting.
I’ve been working as freelance painter and making fairy tale book by self-publishing whenever I make money.
One day, I thought if I made fairy tale book in 3d, it would be great, as children can see book while rotating it 360 degrees.
So, I decided to make fairy tale called ‘glowing tree at night’ in 3d.
And I chose blender among the 3d tools.
Because I liked that it was all in one tool and open source.
As a result, this was the best choice I made!

Every procedure of 3d work was great than 2d work, except the waiting time for rendering.
(I used 5 pc and amazon aws for rendering.)
I used brenda in order to use aws.

And Addon(Progressive Animation Render) of Greg Zaal
was really helpful to distribute resources efficiently.

Especially, the rigging work was really fun as it feels like breathing new life to character.
Well, I found it really stressful.
I used blenrig tool of Juan Pablo Bouza as rig tool! I really like this tool, indeed!
When I made glass ball material, (Cycles' Volume Materials video) of EnigmaToots helped me out of a lot.
When I made material, (Blender Physically Based Shading) of CynicatPro helped me a lot.
I didn’t use sss in character.
Since I wanted to utilize gpu, but it was impossible to use gpu due to the memory problem as sence became bigger. However, I was satisfied with the result that I did not use sss and kept using as it is without any change.

In case of texutre work, I used quxiel and blener.
If I don't have it, I had to spend a lot of time to make results.

Delicious night mushroom
The model of night mushroom is this type of jelly.

I used particles to express sugar particles
on night mushroom-shaped jelly.
It was most satisfying work.

And it was really helpful to learn blender with cg cookie,
blenderguru, Gleb alexandrov lectures.
And thanks to quality asset in the blender market,
I could save my time spending at making fairy tale.

I learned blender since 2014 and 
made ‘glowing tree at night’ fairy tale from July 2015.
It was really fun and interesting moment.


Children's book author

I hope you are always happy and that my story makes you happier.

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